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European Market Rapidly Adopts Matisse .NET

Burlingame, CA - July 14, 2003 – Matisse Software Inc. today announced that the Matisse .NET solution is fueling the growth of Matisse software in Europe. Matisse software has seen a three fold increase in software license sales in the first half of 2003 as compared to same period last year. The result underscores Matisse's commitment to the emerging European market for .NET Solutions.

The Microsoft .NET framework is gaining momentum. Visual Studio .NET developers are very comfortable with a new stack of services and components, built to support today's needs for multi-tier programming environment and architected to seamlessly integrate with XML.

"Conditions for software purchases are challenging, and while Europe remains relatively strong, American businesses are taking a more deliberate and measured approach to new software investments." says Didier Cabannes, CEO at Matisse Software.

"Europe has a large industrial base, an advanced educational system, and has been on the leading edge in adopting the .NET framework. Matisse has already experienced significant growth of its Matisse software in Europe and we want to move quickly to build the infrastructure and support services that the market will demand from us going forward." remarked Cameron Shafie, Vice President of Global Sales & Business Development.

By strategically aligning with Microsoft .NET framework initiatives, coupled with its own Data Access Services enhancement, Matisse has quickly been recognized by .NET developers as "The Ultimate Database for .NET".

Matisse Software has emerged as the database vendor that is able to provide .NET architects and developers with a powerful environment to implement enterprise-class solutions. "This is marked by the fact that we see increasing number of companies, switching from Microsoft SQL Server to Matisse as the database of choice for their .NET projects." continues Cameron Shafie.

For more information about Matisse 6.0 or to download the developer version, visit Best hoodia to buy.


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