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Matisse Software Delivers an Open Source Objective-C Matisse Interface.

Mountain View, CA - May 31, 2012 – Matisse Software today announces the immediate availability of the new Objective-C interface to the Matisse database on the Apple Mac OS X platform.

Objective-C, the primary language for the Mac OS and iOS platforms, is a simple programming language designed to enable sophisticated object-oriented programming. Objective-C extends the standard ANSI C language by providing syntax for defining classes, and methods, as well as other constructs that promote dynamic extension of classes.

The Objective-C Matisse interface integrates seamlessly with Apple development environment Xcode, which provides an integrated object-oriented solution for software developers, from analysis and design to code generation, maintenance and reverse engineering.

The tight integration between Objective-C and Matisse has proven to reduce application complexity with direct object-to-object mapping and to accelerate development through the fusion of native object support and SQL.

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