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Matisse Applications
Nuclear Power Industry
From uranium mining to fuel fabrication, and from power generation through final spent fuel processing, engineers, managers and business executives have searched for tools that reduce design and construction costs, decrease maintenance efforts, and extend the life of critical capital equipment, while preserving the environment and protecting the public.

The Introduction of Matisse®
In the early 1990s, the French government funded the initial development of Matisse as a specific tool targeted for France's nuclear power industry. Developed for industrial control and other mission critical applications that need to handle large volumes of dynamic data while providing 100% uptime, the first deployment of Matisse was at Cogema S.A.'s La Hague nuclear facility where it continues to operate. Since then, Matisse has been successfully deployed in many sites in Europe, among them Cogema, Electricite' de France, Sanofi, CEA, SNCF, and the French Navy.

Product Description
Matisse is the world's first Object-SQL database, highly regarded in applications that control or manage systems that have dynamic characteristics such as industrial processes in a nuclear facility. Since the database schema can be changed at any time (even while applications are running); it makes it an ideal configuration management tool for engineering, procurement, and construction projects.

The database is designed to be self-administering and always available, making it highly cost-competitive when compared to databases that require a full-time DBA.

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