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Matisse Software announces Keops, the Leading-Edge Clinical Studies Management Platform.

Mountain View, CA - August 13, 2007 – Matisse Software today announces the immediate availability of Keops, the leading-edge collaborative platform for the management of pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Keops has been developed in close collaboration with Pfizer scientists to solve the new challenges faced by the Bio/Pharma industry today. Keops provides a secure, efficient and easy to use solution to collect, analyze, process and store high-quality digital media of pre-clinical or clinical studies. Uniquely designed to run in a highly regulated industrial environment, Keops provides a fast acquisition process of high quality color images using direct connection to a wide range of imaging instruments. Keops is specifically designed to work with digital EOS cameras, digital video cameras as well as to capture images from composite, S-Video, or RGB video feed from standard video cameras mounted on medical instruments. “Keops is providing scientists with a leading-edge collaborative imaging platform to document the finest pathology”, said Didier Cabannes, CEO of Matisse Software.

Keops intuitive and easy to use interface provides a best of breed solution to tailor the representation of clinical studies with several treatment groups to a large variety of scientific nomenclature and terminology. Keops addresses fields as varied as exploratory study, toxicology, and pre-clinical and clinical safety of compounds. “Keops has proven to be an outstanding platform to document the finest eye pathology for ocular toxicology studies.”, said Dr Yann Tessier, Director Comparative Medicine at Pfizer, “Its unique method to record observations with diagnostics at the press of a footswitch makes the screening of large treatment groups fast and reliable.”

Some of the specific benefits of Keops include:

  • Uniquely designed for Managing Digital Media in Pre-clinical or Clinical Studies
  • Management of Users and Modifications in Compliance with FDA Regulations
  • Direct Connection to High Quality Imaging Instruments
  • No Manual Transfer of Image
  • Secure, Efficient and Easy to Use

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