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Matisse Software Announces Strategic Partnership With ImmuniCode

Burlingame, CA - November 12, 2003 – Matisse Software today announced a new strategic partnership with ImmuniCode. Both ImmuniCode and Matisse serve .NET developers with products that strategically complement each other. VBCS 2.0 helps legacy systems written in VB move to C#, enabling these systems to use Matisse's state-of-the-art database management system.

ImmuniCode’s flagship product, VBCS2.0, allows for Visual Basic applications, ranging from simple window forms to .NET websites, to be converted to the most modern and fastest growing of all computer languages – C#. Built on the industry-respected ANTLR technology, VBCS 2.0 is the most complete VB to C# conversion tool on the market. Capable of handling entire projects, VBCS 2.0 doesn’t merely translate code, it re-writes VB source code to C# and includes comments pointing to ambiguities resulting from the translation. Using a cost-effective and quick process, VBCS2.0 eliminates thousands of hours in tedious, manual work and eliminates error-prone hand coding.

Matisse 6.1, the ultimate database for .NET, is an innovative Post-Relational SQL database for .NET environments that natively supports Objects and XML. Matisse greatly simplifies the architecture of applications by removing the need for an Object-Relational mapping layer and the severe limitations that come with it. This feature alone cuts the length of the application code by 30% to 50%, thus paying off in terms of faster time-to-market due to shorter database development cycles, lower TCO due to lower maintenance requirements, and higher overall database performance.

As part of the agreement, the two companies will conduct joint marketing and promotional activities and will also collaborate on joint sales opportunities.

“Most of our customers are developing new applications around a database management system, and since they are using C#, they definitely will benefit from the ability to handle objects efficiently with a post-relational database such Matisse,” said Jack Porterfield, CEO of ImmuniCode. “Combined with VBCS, Matisse will help them deploy their applications a lot faster.”

“We are very pleased to work with ImmuniCode,” said Didier Cabannes, CEO of Matisse Software, “Like us they are focused on making .NET developers more productive. VBCS brings a lot of value to many of our .NET customers; it allows for a unified code base and reduces the time needed to rewrite existing legacy code to a language most programmers use and prefer.”


About Matisse Software
Matisse Software, Inc. delivers database software and services to companies that need to rapidly, and cost effectively, develop and deploy scalable applications and services. Matisse, the company's flagship product, is the first ever SQL-Object programmable data server on the market. Matisse has enabled developers across the world to implement applications and services that require high performance on complex data that goes beyond the modeling capabilities of legacy relational databases. The Matisse database has been powering mission critical systems including nuclear power plants and pharmaceutical plants for over a decade. Matisse Software Inc. is a privately held company. For more information visit Where to buy clomid in the uk.

About ImmuniCode
ImmuniCode specializes in compiler technology, expertly analyzing code to build revolutionary programming tools used to increase the efficiency of, and decrease errors in, code development. ImmuniCode's flagship product, VBCS converts visual basic code to C#. VBCS helps legacy systems written in VB move to C#. For more information visit Generic for requip.


Matisse and the Matisse logo are the trademarks of Matisse Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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