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Matisse Ships Matisse 6.0 Database for Object Developers
First Ever SQL-Object programmable data server on the market for
Faster Deployment, High Performance, Reduced Costs

Burlingame, CA - Jan 27, 2003 -Matisse Software Inc. today announced the immediate availability of Matisse 6.0, database software for object developers who want to rapidly develop and deploy applications and services with a lower total cost of ownership and 24x365 reliability.

"For over a decade, Matisse has enabled developers across the world to implement applications and services that require high performance on complex data that goes beyond the modeling capabilities of legacy relational databases." said Didier Cabannes, Matisse's President and CEO. "Our customers are telling us that with its support for native objects and key standards like SQL, XML, J2EE and .NET, and low administrative requirements, Matisse is their database of choice."

Matisse 6.0 has been optimized for pharmaceutical, chemical applications, life sciences, financial modeling and simulation, industrial control, and network applications. Matisse was designed to help developers create applications and services faster, cheaper and more effectively and allow IT managers to reduce deployment and administration costs.
"We chose Matisse for building the Virtual Laboratory, our collaborative platform for supporting researchers in their drug discovery experiments, because it's the only database that met all of our requirements," said Pr. Bob Hertzberger from University of Amsterdam. "It is the only database that is flexible enough to support the complexity associated with modeling genomic and proteomic experiments, and scalable enough to support the rapid growth of biological information produced daily. Plus, Matisse allowed us to leverage existing SQL assets and expertise, which was critical to getting endorsement from our industrial partners."

Applications and services that include Matisse eliminate the need for object-relational (O/R) mapping, which is required by all object relational and relational databases used today.

"In today’s economic climate, the Matisse database should be on the short list of any object developer creating next generation applications and services," said Wayne Kernochan, Vice President, Aberdeen Group. "Matisse provides a lower cost of ownership with high performance, zero-administration capabilities, and reliability approaching 24x365."

A developer version of Matisse 6.0 is available for download. Specific advantages of Matisse include:

  • Reduced application complexity with direct object-to-object mapping
  • Simplified and accelerated development through the fusion of native object support and SQL
  • Significantly improved throughput and no logging burden with the unique versioning engine
  • No schema modification downtime with dynamic schema evolution
  • No need for a dedicated database administrator with self-tuning and self-administering
  • Future proofed application development with comprehensive standards support and extensible meta-model
  • Flexible access to external data sources and application development and reporting tools with ODBC and JDBC support
  • Protection for mission critical applications with 24x365 proven reliability through distributed replication
  • Support for virtually all object languages with extensive language bindings and an open API

Matisse 6.0 supports the popular server platforms Sun Solaris, Linux, Windows NT/2000/XP, J2EE and .NET frameworks, SQL and XML standards, and a broad range of language bindings including Java, C++, C, C#, Visual Basic, Delphi, Python, Perl, PHP, Smalltalk and Eiffel. Most language bindings are offered as open source software.

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